Werner Lady 3003

Registration Number: 2003651
Date of Birth: January 3, 2013
Sire: HF Prowler 43U
Dam: Top Line Lady 102

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We purchased 3003 from the Werner Angus dispersal and couldn’t be more pleased with her. Her grand dam, Gambles Lady 634, was the top bred cow that sold in the 2008 Gambles Sale as lot 1 for $45,000 and her dam sold in the Werner Angus dispersal for $29,000. This powerful Prowler daughter has a strong presence, beautiful udder, great muscle, and moves out really well. Her AAA progeny record in 2017 had a WR 2@106, YR 2@ 103 and she, herself, posted an individual WR of 112, YR of 109 and UREA of 116.
Dam – Top Line Lady 102
Sire – HF Prowler 43U
Son - Norfolk Foundation 1740
Daughter – Norfolk Lady 35G

Mohnen Jilt 2504

Registration Number: 2125765
Date of Birth: January 29, 2014
Sire: Mohnen Long Haul 502
Dam: Mohnen Jilt 382

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This heavy milking Jilt cow was our daughter’s pick at the 2019 Mohnen Angus Female Sale. She’s a pathfinder dam with a bold presence and track record. She combines a progeny birth ratio of 99 with progeny weaning and yearling ratios of 106 and 105 on three calves.
Sire – Mohnen Long Haul 502

Five R Daisy 47C

Registration Number: 1841873
Date of Birth: January 5, 2015
Sire: Peak Dot Gladiator 800Y
Dam: Five R Daisy 16U

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This beautiful female has impressed us since the day we bought her. She is low maintenance, really maternal and VERY fertile. Daisy 47C calves early every year and does a great job raising them. She has had only bulls so far, but they have all been very outstanding growers at the top of the breed for weaning and yearling weights. Even better, she is the type that loves attention and is exceptionally docile. She’s a great cow that we can consistently depend on and enjoy having here at our farm.
Sire - Peak Dot Gladiator 800Y
Son – Norfolk Edgar 37E

S A V Madame Pride 6620

Registration Number: 1955162
Date of Birth: January 5, 2016
Sire: S A V Ten Speed 3022
Dam: S A V Madame Pride 0075

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This female was a large investment for us, but well worth every penny. She is a phenomenal dam and checks all of the boxes for what creates the perfect cow. She is a direct daughter of S A V Madame Pride 0075, the second top income producing cow in S A V history with over $5.3 million in direct progeny sales (as of 2019). With the maternal strengths, growth performance and worthy carcass data in this pedigree, she has made a large impact on the genetic potential of our herd.
Dam – S A V Madame Pride 0075
Sire - S A V Ten Speed 3022
Daughter – Norfolk Finesse 31F
Son – Norfolk Cast Iron 36E

S A V Blackcap May 6340

Registration Number: 1955166
Date of Birth: March 15, 2016
Sire: S A V Cutting Edge 4857
Dam: S A V Blackcap May 1433

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Here is a very special cow with a moderate frame, great foot structure and picture perfect udder. She was bred for power and performance. With S A V Harvestor 0338, S A V Blackcap May 5530, Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075 and S A V Blackcap May 4136 in her pedigree, she is destined to accomplish great things in her lifetime. Her dam (S A V Blackcap May 1433) is out of the same historic flush that produced the one and only S A V Resource 1441, and 1433 has always been a favorite cow of ours when touring the S A V herd. Her sire, (S A V Cutting Edge 4857) was the sire of our favorite bull calves at S A V back in 2016. They were absolute standouts with their outstanding thickness and muscle shape. We knew then that we had to have a daughter of his and were thrilled to have the opportunity to acquire one out of 1433.

Sire - S A V Cutting Edge 4857
Dam – S A V Blackcap May 1433
Daughter – Norfolk Blackcap May 42H

Ankony Miss Primrose 6115

Registration Number: 2067534
Date of Birth: January 1, 2017
Sire: Haynes Outright 452
Dam: Ankony Miss Primrose 014W

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This feed efficient young female is exceptional. She is feminine, soft and deep made! It is hard to find any faults in this one and she stands out for most who view the females here at our farm. She has done a good job raising her first calf out of GAR Sure Fire and we can’t wait to see what she does in the future.
Sire - Haynes Outright 452

Mohnen Jilt 2037

Registration Number: 2067525
Date of Birth: January 15, 2017
Sire: S A V Resource 1441
Dam: Mohnen Jilt 1941

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This high performance female has been one of our most exciting purchases. She was a sale feature at the 2018 Mohnen Angus Female sale and has outstanding capacity and amazing maternal characteristics. She goes back to the Jilt 1655 pathfinder donor who has had a great impact on Mohnen’s program. Maternal siblings to her dam include the $46,000 Mohnen Global 1274 and the $20,000 Mohnen Jilt 1641.
Sire – S A V Resource 1441
Son – Norfolk Grenade 4G
Granddam – Mohnen Jilt 1655

North Perth Emblynette 716

Registration Number: 1956804
Date of Birth: February 17, 2017
Sire: S A V Regard 4863
Dam: North Perth Emblynette 112

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This very well put together Emblynette female caught our eye at the 2017 North Perth Inaugural Female Sale. She and her dam were the second high selling top pair at the sale. Her dam had a beautiful udder and was very quiet in the sale pen, and with S A V Regard 4863 as the sire of her heifer calf, we couldn’t say no. We think we made the right choice with that decision.
Sire – S A V Regard 4863
Dam – North Perth Emblynette 112

Ankony Miss Donna 7090

Registration Number: 2067532
Date of Birth: August 5, 2017
Sire: WR Journey-1X74
Dam: Coleman Donna 905

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7090 is an amazing cow with a lot of femininity, thickness, and docility. Her dam was the top selling lot 1 bred heifer and top valued female of the 2010 Coleman sale. She has since then accumulated over 1 million in progeny sales. 7090’s sire has been known for having sale topping females due to his docility, exceptional performance, calving ease and carcass traits. This combination works well and we are glad to have her.
Sire – WR Journey-1X74
Dam – Coleman Donna 905

Werner Lady 7149

Registration Number: 2003612
Date of Birth: August 29, 2017
Sire: Connealy Black Granite
Dam: Werner Lady 0304

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We purchased this female as a newborn calf in the Werner Angus Dispersal. She’s a full sibling to the $70,000 leadoff lot of the 2016 Werner Angus Bull sale - Werner Flat Top 4136. Her pathfinder dam was the leadoff lot at the same dispersal and brought $60,000. 7149 has an exceptional BW to YW epd spread and is very powerfully made, yet still feminine. She’s one of our most exciting breeding pieces and we look forward to seeing what all she can do in the future.
Sire – Connealy Black Granite
Dam – Werner Lady 0304
Full sibling – Werner Flat Top 4136

Mohnen Jilt 1218

Registration Number: 2067497
Date of Birth: January 5, 2018
Sire: Connealy Armory
Dam: Mohnen Jilt 183

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This nice looking, heavy milking heifer is structurally sound with a great BW to YW performance. She’s sired by Connealy Armory and her dam, Mohnen Jilt 183, is out of the $50,000 Genex sire Mohnen Long Distance 1639 and third generation pathfinder dam Mohnen Jilt 1501.
Sire – Connealy Armory
Grandsire – Mohnen Long Distance 1639
Granddam – Mohnen Jilt 1501

S A V Madame Pride 8144

Registration Number: 2078210
Date of Birth: February 22, 2018
Sire: S A V President 6847
Dam: S A V Madame Pride 2412

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S A V Madame Pride 8144 is one of the most stunning heifers we have seen and she was the #1 indexing heifer of the entire 2018 natural calf crop at Schaffs Angus Valley. She earned a 205-day weight of 812 lbs, putting her in the top 1% of the breed for weaning performance. In addition, she’s a three-quarter sibling to S A V America 8018 - the 1.88 million dollar valuation, all-time top selling angus bull in history. We have very high hopes for this female and will have numerous calves off of her in the future, as she has produced extremely well for us via IVF.
Sire – S A V President 6847
S A V America 8018

Norfolk Miss Primrose 36F

Registration Number: 2098003
Date of Birth: December 10, 2018
Sire: Byergo Black Magic 3348
Dam: Ankony Miss Primrose 2424C

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We bought this pregnancy because we were very intrigued with the pedigree. Black magic daughters and sons have been doing very well in sales all over the USA, and after a discussion with the breeders of the bull, we were pretty excited to add a daughter of his to our herd. Black Magic daughters have amazing udders and are very eye appealing. The extreme performance, muscle, and carcass traits of Black Magic in combination with the clone to N Bar Primrose 2424 – dam of legendary N Bar Emulation EXT – was too exciting to say no to. The resulting heifer is extremely feminine and has a lot of style. This one is at the top of the list of exciting females for us!
Sire: Byergo Black Magic 3348
N Bar Emulation EXT

North Perth Emblynette 911

Registration Number: 2076826
Date of Birth: January 1, 2019
Sire: S A V Raindance 6848
Dam: North Perth Emblynette 1103

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North Perth Emblynette 911’s premier dam, North Perth Emblynette 1103, is a full sister to S A V Emblynette 5483 – the dam of S A V International 2020. She is also a full sister to North Perth Emblynette 112, the dam of another Emblynette that we purchased previously from North Perth Angus. We were so impressed with that female that we decided we would be crazy not to purchase 911, especially since she is sired by S A V Raindance 6848. His daughters are amazing and we feel very fortunate to have added this female to our program.
Sire – S A V Raindance 6848
S A V Emblynette 5483

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